Advantage Sails prides itself on offering all our clients a service which takes the hassle and stress out of buying or replacing a sail. We will guide you through every part of the process and offer our advice which is backed up by a wealth of experience gained from working in the sail making industry all our working lives.

We can guide you through cloth selection, sail shape, colour and battens as well as a host of other choices and which will get the very best out of your sails.

As well as guiding you through the sail process we will continue to help in any way we can, so if you require any other items which will compliment and look after your newly purchased sail or if you need any advice we will be on hand to help. With our after sales service we will always be on hand to help or offer advice whenever you need it.

Sail Specification

Although there's a lot to consider with purchasing a sail we help with everything, wheather you have purchased sails before or if its your first time we will make the whole process as painless as possible. Below are a list of topics we can help with.


  • High quality woven polyester or cruise laminate fabric
  • Full radial patching to reduce creasing for reinforced areas and to absorb loadings
  • Two and three step stitching using Hemingway and Bartlett thread
  • Low stretch leech lines using either aluminium or plastic cleats depending on sail size
  • Luff reefs with pressed rings and spectacles where applicable
  • Loose footed main for shape control where appropriate
  • All stainless steel pressed/webbed on rings for corner attachment
  • Standard sail slides if required
  • Durable fibreglass battens
  • Insignia sail numbers
  • Tell-tales
  • Drawstring sail bag
  • Batten Options

    We are able to supply a full range of batten options all from various suppliers, we will guide you through which will be best to suit your needs and your budget.


    The above a just a few of the topics we would guide you through thus making the whole experience as painless as possible. For a quote on this or any other of our services please contact us here